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Applied Relevancy exists to help companies chart a road map to position products and services to the DoD and tactical market by providing relevant input and insight. Applied Relevancy excels because we combine our ability to turn expertise in operational knowledge and our past experience in program of records into relevant strategies in rapidly changing environment.

We work as a member of your team providing

Acquisition and Product Readiness Assessment

Applied Relevancy captures end user feedback and conducts evaluations of facilities, services, and products. The collected data is utilized in development of a project plan for market entry.

Operational & Technical Input

Applied Relevancy provides insight into size, weight, ergonomics and how equipment is used during employment. When entering the market and constructing proposals we ensure timeliness, performance parameters, supporting attributes are met and concurrent with desired outcome.

Market Entry

Market Entry consist of combining product and market assessment with operational and literature research to construct a holistic plan that will assist in determining time to market and market share potential. We use our knowledge of the acquisition process, past experience of tactical operations and equipping warfighters to develop a Market Entry Plan.

Product Representation

Applied Relevancy provides professional and knowledgeable representation at military functions, conferences, meetings, range demonstrations and other industry functions to clients. We disseminate and market product information through relationships with the SOF community, DoD, and Law Enforcement.

LEO / Tactical Market 

Applied Relevancy assist clients in development of a plan to position products and service to the commercial and LEO markets.

Keys to success

Is our ability to turn our tactical equipping and operational experience into relevant strategies to meet the needs of a rapidly changing environment. Applied Relevancy has a combined fifty years of collective Special Operation experience including seven years of experience in equipping soldiers and operators.


We stand at the forefront of strategic planning, equipping special ops and warfighters.

Advisement Services


Operational & Technical

  • Size, weight, ergonomics, operational needs of the user and readiness of the product for market.


  • Operational needs, competition, market share potential, time to market.


Product Plan

  • The roadmap to incorporate changes to meet market needs.

Market Entry Plan

  • How and where the product enters the market.


Product Plan

  • Provide guidance during the product plan implementation to ensure product meets desired time to market and end user needs.

Market Entry Plan

  • Guide and advise throughout the implantation of the market entry plan to ensure objectives are met.


  • Market Entry Follow through.
  • Build Awareness of with SOF, DoD, First Responders and Tactical Markets.
  • Feedback from target markets, providing insight for future development.
  • Representing at trade shows, demonstrations and Military function.
  • Provide consistent engagement in target market.

We assist large defense firms, small startups, and all companies in between identify, develop, and produce products and services which are relevant to current operational requirements and that meet the needs of the market.


Applied Relevancy Training provides safe, first class firearms education and current, real world training to Law Enforcement Agencies, our Nation’s Military and responsible armed American citizens. Having experienced firsthand the importance of these skills from the streets of Somalia, Iraq, and Afghanistan, there is a great deal of critical information and lessons that can be passed on for future generations.

Law Enforcement

Applied Relevancy Training provides law enforcement professionals’ options for custom tailored training paths and individual courses to meet the unique demands of each agency and federal requirements.


Applied Relevancy Training offers courses for both Conventional and SOF units in all branches of service. These Tactics, Techniques and Procedures have been the time tested foundation and success of the Special Operations communities TIER organizations. If interested please contact us for more information.

Private Sector

Applied relevancy will design custom training paths for individuals and organizations to meet the desired end state of our client. We also offer standard courses for individuals that want to improve on their fundamentals and weapons proficiency.

Training Service

Contact us for more information and follow us on social media for upcoming courses.

We stand at the forefront of training law enforcement, warfighters, and individuals.

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